HIV and Sexual Health

 In 2023 – 2024, the African Health and Social Development Organization is proud to launch a Sexual Health Campaign in collaboration with African community Organizations in Norway. The main aim of the campaign is to promote the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted Diseases; use of condoms together with early testing of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Sexual health is indeed part of a healthy body.   The main objectives of this campaign are to;

  • Educate the general public about various STIs, their transmission and prevention
  • Increase knowledge about the importance of condom use, and  
  • Encourage people to get tested early and regularly

Elderly programs

Majority of older African immigrants have limited Norwegian language skills. As a result, families become their only social support. However, when they do not have families and when families cannot guarantee a satisfactory late life, older  immigrants often feel lonely, isolated and/or depressed. There some factors that affect older immigrants’   social integration. First, they are less likely to interact with others, but rely more on family and members within their ethnic communities. This dependency can turn to a risk factor if families hinder seniors from building social ties beyond their families. Secondly, older immigrants have limited mobility due to lack of transportation service and disabilities. African health has initiated social activity programs for older African immigrants to provide them social network and to create an environment where older people meet their age cohorts as well as younger people and have fun together.

Our visits to Kristiansand