HIV and Sexual Health

 In 2023 – 2024, the African Health and Social Development Organization is proud to launch a Sexual Health Campaign in collaboration with African community Organizations in Norway. The main aim of the campaign is to promote the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted Diseases; use of condoms together with early testing of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Sexual health is indeed part of a healthy body.   The main objectives of this campaign are to;

  • Educate the general public about various STIs, their transmission and prevention
  • Increase knowledge about the importance of condom use, and  
  • Encourage people to get tested early and regularly

Girls programs

Awareness & campaign programs

Traditional behaviors and beliefs that are prevalent among certain communities, need to be confronted. The awareness campaigns are known to be a stepping stone to prevent forced marriage, social control and FGM in Norway. In collaboration with other partners, African Health & Social Development Organization (AfroHealth) has conducted awareness raising campaigns on FGM, Social Control and Forced Marriages among African immigrants in Norway


Forced Marriage

Reasons for forced marriage

Numerous reasons that vary according to the social, cultural, economic, political and legal context explain the existence of planned and potentially forced, marriage. They may be cumulative or they may overlap. Number of reasons that seem to be at the basis of these marriages.

Social Control

Empowering women & young girls

The aim of the project was to empower women with access to networks, job training, awareness of their rights, resources available for them, and to initiate women groups who support each other to resist violence and control, and to increase their awareness and utilization of the individual and community strengths and skills to avert discrimination, oppression and violence against women.


Discussion on FGM, Forced Marriage & Social Control by Somali men in Oslo

Prevention of FGM, Forced Marriage & Social Control among Somali immigrants in Norway